How It Works

Have an open position to fill or looking for a temp?  When you subscribe to our staffing network, you have access to an exclusive and growing dental network where you can post an unlimited number of job openings, post temp positions, and connect with dental staff - from assistants to specialists! – seeking part or full-time or temp employment.  Too busy and want to outsource the entire process to a dedicated team? Shoot an email to and we can do all the work for you!

How to use the job board? Follow these easy steps!

1. Subscribe to Showcase Your Office! Create your practice profile at registration so that job seekers -your potential applicants- can learn about your office and what makes you unique! We recommend you take the time to complete this step in as much detail as you can! Add photos, videos and/or any other details highlighting how amazing your office is.

2. Post Your Job Opening or Search the Job Board Network for Talent. Job posts last 60 days. In addition, your post will be sent to job seekers on their mobile devices in real-time. with no extra effort on your part!  You will be notified via email/text whenever someone applies. Don’t want to wait?  Search and message applicants on the Job Board Network to share your job! 

3. Interview and Hire. Review, interview, and hire candidates directly! NO additional placement or buy-out fees for candidates with whom you connect or hire. If you don't find the perfect match or would like some help, shoot an email to our knowledgeable friends at or call/text them directly at (916) 500-4125.